About Me


Hi - I’m Sam!

  • I have been using homeopathy to treat myself & my family for over 25 years & have over 12 years clinical experience. I am a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) having studied with the College of Practical Homeopathy in London
  • I focus my Holistic Health practice around restoring Gut & Microbiome Health & additionally qualified with Dr.Natasha Campbell-McBride (Author of the best-selling book: Gut & Psychology Syndrome).
  • I have trained with various leading Gong Masters & Sound Healers & am offering one-on-one treatments at my practice in Stamford.
  • I am using Sound healing as an important additional tool to help with stress, anxiety & many other modern day related challenges as Group sessions as well as individually.
  • I am also a “Chakra Dancing” teacher. This is a fun practice using carefully crafted global music which resonates with each of the chakras, leaving you feeling energised & rebalanced.

My Story

Good Health is critical for our wellbeing yet is arguably elusive for most of us especially as we age & try to find the “Holy Grail” of the “Vitality of Youth”, yet rarely succeed.

My big moment of realisation was after I had my children. My energy had slumped to an all-time low (I now realise because my hormones had not rebalanced properly) & I wasted many hours of my time searching for answers, as well as lost £’s on supplements that didn’t help! My digestive system was sluggish & no matter what “diet” I tried, nothing was helping!

“Life before kids” was a full-on career in the fashion industry as a buyer travelling the world to seek the next hot item that would top the sales for the following season. A different kind of “Holy Grail” which seemed so important at the time, but this lifestyle of flying around the world in a constant state of jet lag, grabbing (rubbish) food on the hoof & using caffeine to keep my energy up in the morning or a glass of wine to bring it down in the evenings took its toll.

So, it was time to take another path & with the realisation that I felt below par most of the time, this became my incentive to find a different way forward.
Having found some solutions to my own health issues with homeopathy, I decided this would be my new career path. I took a 4-year distance learning course with the College of Practical Homeopathy & crammed in the studying & required clinic hours for graduation in between looking after my young family & doing voluntary work on committees in our local community.

My next (more meaningful!) “Holy Grail” moment came when I started to learn about the importance of the microbiome. So little understood yet it is the engine room of our digestive system & the seat of our emotional “gut instinct”. I pored over books, qualified as a GAPS therapist (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) & determined that this was going to be at the core of my practice.

Once I incorporated this into treatment programmes, the results I started to see were faster & more permanent. But there was still something missing.

I was invited to my first Gong Bath 5 years ago. My life had taken a few major knocks & at that stage I was emotionally wrung out. I ventured out having no idea what a gong was (let alone a bath in one!) but came out knowing that I had experienced something relaxing & transformative.

Another “Holy Grail” moment!

The healing I experienced from Gongs/sound therapy took me by surprise. How come this ancient practice has been so forgotten? I knew that this was going to be an important addition to my practice & decided to learn from those who had great knowledge & experience with these wonderful healing tools. I have been blessed to spend time with some talented teachers & am now enjoying using them within my practice.

For Bookings

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"Sam is professional, kind, gentle and very understanding. We worked through many of my emotional, physical and mental symptoms and healed them through, homeopathic remedies, along with other holistic ones too. I highly recommend her."

"Sam has treated my son on a number of occasions. She combines up to date knowledge and passion for her specialisms with great listening and empathy skills. A practical outcome focus but with a really supportive experience. Highly recommend."

"Sam has helped me with a number of health conditions as well as supporting me through surgeries. She is professional, knowledgeable, warm and caring and I would not hesitate to recommend her. I recommended Sam to my mother and a number of friends and clients - all of them have seen the benefit."